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Our Lunes Full Node is the only one that offers rewards LIFETIME to their leasers
We pay 80% of what our node forges monthly to users who lease with us.
We pay the remaining 20% to the holders (owners) of our LunesFullNode token.
The holders of the token do not need to lease with us, all life will be mining passively.


80% of the benefits of the LPoS will be distributed among the addresses that are doing leasing, on a monthly basis. The remaining 20% will be distributed among the owners of the LunesFullNode Token.

To buy LunesFullNode tokens fill this form and follow the instructions.



The lifetime token is distributed as follows.

Lifetime TOKEN
for everyone

We have distributed 1,400,000 LunesFullNode Tokens to leasers that have maintained their balance for at least 6 months. We started distributing them in December 2018 (six months after the MainNet launch) and we concluded in March 2019.


Buy/Sell LunesFullNode Lifetime Tokens

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LunesFullNode Token Rewards Program start on 9 jun.


Questions and Answers

We start at the beginning?

What is leasing?

This system is used to rent Lunes to the node in exchange for payments.

What are the benefits of leasing?

The nodes pay their users in a weekly cycle.

How can I do leasing?

Very easy. Once the account is created on, and have Lunes, you just have to go to the "Leasing" tab.

To lease in LunesFullNode there is a minimum?

To lease there is no minimum.

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What exactly is LunesFullNode token?

LunesFullNode Token is a token of value that serves to collect dividends, the result of 20% of leasing in our node, LIFETIME!

When will we receive tokens?

We will send tokens after the investor keeps his balance of Lunes in leasing 6 months in our node.

What are the limits?

The limit is the number of tokens to be distributed. 1.400.000 for leasers and 280.000 for direct sales.
Minimum contribution is 100 Lunes to receive LunesFullNode tokens.

How do I get in LunesFullNode Token?

At the begining of Lunes Blockchain you got tokens if you lease for 6 months. Now, the 100% of reward tokens have been shared. You can buy using this form, or use the DEX to exchange it by LUNES.

Can you get tokens without leasing?

Yes, you can buy your tokens in DEX decentralized exchange. 280.000 tokens will be sold HERE.

How much should I invest?

You can invest whatever you want, the risk is 0. The Lunes will always be yours and you can withdraw them whenever you want.


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